The Doctor

Dr. Geoff Abrams


My name is Dr. Geoff Abrams. I have been a practicing chiropractor since 1998. Here is my personal journey and how I became a chiropractor.

Growing up I was always giving my mother massages, she suffered from fibromyalgia which has unfortunately become a common household name in the medical world. It's a condition where you have aches in your joints and diffused pain that can randomly come on at any given time of the day. Massages relieved my mothers pain. That's when the seed of being a chiropractor was planted. She received great relief from me working out all the tension in her neck and shoulders. She would tell me how I should pursue being a chiropractor as I had strong hands. During that time, I was a lifeguard during the summer at a local neighborhood pool.

That's when I met Dr. Robb Fishman. Dr. Fishman was a new chiropractor in town at the time. We hit if off great! In fact so well that I ended up working for him during the summer. I was amazed at the relief people were getting from their pain with chiropractic and acupressure. I was seeing people relieved of years of long pain and being taken off of their medication with their chiropractic treatments. Miracles were happening right before my eyes and they were happening everyday at Dr. Fishman's office. That's when it hit me--- I am going to be a CHIROPRACTOR!!!

The long and short of it is that I ended up graduating from Life University School of Chiropractic and worked alongside my mentor for 5 years tenure while living in Pittsburgh, Pa. During this time I met my wife (once again poolside) and you'll never guess what----TURNS out she's a CHIROPRACTOR on the opposite side of town. We ended up moving to South Carolina in 2004 and started a practice in Greer. We have been blessed with great patients, a great staff and and amazing community! Even now, I am still amazed at the power that chiropractic delivers on a consistent basis for those following the principals of the bodies amazing ability to heal itself the way God intended. I look forward to meeting you and helping you achieve your health goals.
Yours in Health,

Dr. Geoff Abrams

Our Staff


Diagnosed with "The Disease to Please", Cindy is our front desk receptionist. She enjoys interacting with and serving our patients while making the atmosphere warm and inviting.
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Came to the office with her daughter as a patient and never left. She helps to assist with patients in the office and has been a cornerstone for the clinic.
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Nicknamed "Sweetwater Karen" as she spoils all of our patients with lots of tender loving care.

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"As a patient at Dr. Geoff's for nice years, I have experienced first hand the exceptional benefits and powerful impact chiropractic can have on your life. I continue to enjoy being part of giving others the wonderful experience I have had!"


Began as a patient 10 years ago and has been working for Dr. Geoff throughout the summer. He enjoys helping patients while learning more about the practice.
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As a native of Florida, Angelica moved here several years ago with her family. She has a serving heart and loves to help others.